Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Mazel Tov!


At Fusion Live Entertainment, we have a simple goal: to to make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah a fresh, fun, and ecstatic celebration. Our cutting edge Southern California DJs, emcees and entertainment packages are custom tailored to fit your distinctive, modern twenty first century Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah_edited.jpg

We’re here to provide customized entertainment experiences to make your vision a reality. From low key Mitzvahs who simply want great music, to extravagant, glitzy VIP “nightclub” experiences, we’re here to make it happen. 

Combining our background as “in the know” club and “house party” DJs with 10 + years DJing for diverse multigenerational private events (Mitzvahs, Corporate, Weddings, etc), we thrive on balancing the following: Making the event fresh, lively, and reflecting your unique style; with making it a an amazing, inclusive party that all generations can collectively celebrate together.