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LGBTQ + Weddings & Events 


According to the Huffington Post, “one in four same-sex couples experience some kind of outright discrimination or heterosexism while planning their wedding.” We are so not down with that! 

As an Equally Wed Pro certified team, our DJs are trained in the nuances of LGBTQ+ weddings. When you work with a Fusion Live Entertainment DJ, you can expect a tasteful, discerning and empathetic partner who totally “gets it” and will work with you as your personal concierge and advocate. 

As Event Hosts…

  • We will save you from awkward “embarrassing insensitive DJ” moments (such as emcees referring to a same sex couple as “Bride and Groom”).

  • We carefully and mindfully use gender pronouns, not only during your event, but throughout your entire planning process.

  • Your DJ will serve as an articulate, modern, tasteful “Event Host” who is the antithesis to the dreaded “Wrestling Announcer” Emcee.

As DJs…

  • We curate classy playlists that avoid offensive misogynistic music, and tacky “hetero keg party music”

  • You’re protected from one-dimensional DJs who presume you want to hear cheesy line dances, or outdated cliches. 

  • You get an inclusive mix of music that makes guests of all backgrounds, gender identities, ages, and sexual orientations feel welcome and at ease.

Our process is always easy breezy, seamless, and built around giving you an inspired experience from planning to the dance floor. In the end, our goal is to leave you with a cherished memory filled with endless dancing, singing, smiles, oohs, ahhs, and jubilation.